Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Chinese Dumpling Festival

Today is 'Joong Jit'

I miss the traditional dumpling I have back home, with mushroom and a big big chestnut right in the middle. Friends always gave me a weird look when I add sugar to it. Some like to add soya sauce, some like it plain. I've always liked mine with sugar.

And then the 'gan sui joong.' Oooohhhh........ yumm! Add lots of kaya!

Uuwaahhhhh!! Sob sob! I wanna have some!

Today reminds me the passing of Wilkin's grandmother. Not on this particular day, but because this strong 90 year old lady went out to the market to get all the ingredients to make these dumplings couple of years back, she was knocked down by a three year old girl who was running on the pathway. She suffered a fractured femur. And because of this, she lost her will to live and her condition deteriorated.

On her last days, her leg literally 'died' while she was still breathing. She was deaf most of her life and being not able to hear and too weak to talk, I witnessed and saw this look in her eyes, 'Why am I here?' (in the hospital) It was heart-wrenching. I told Aidan to give her a kiss, and with whatever strength she had left, she raised her hand to touch him. And because her mind and soul was still sharp but with a dying body, we couldn't do anything. The doctors couldn't do anything to bring her back physically. They, or WE, had her starved to death. No food, no water, for 4 days.

It still brings a lump to my throat everytime I think of her, especially today. Heavens, she was a good woman. Why do good people die the bad way?

Grandma, may you have a better next life.


eastcoastlife said...

oh gosh, this is so sad. I dread the day I would grow so old.

My mil who is 91 is also going through this now. Her body system is about to shut down due to old age. It is really heart-wrenching to see her struggling each day to breathe for another day. She gets very clingy with hubby and my son. I understand, she can't bear to go, we can't bear to see her go too.

Sweetpea said...

ECL - i have heard of this when my MIL passed on. tell your hubby to whisper to her that everything is okay, that all of you are fine, and that she can leave peacefully.
i think they need this reassurance and they will feel better. my SIL did it.

janicepa said...

sad story.. :(

Sweetpea said...

hey janice - u go read more happy stories!! :)