Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Burn Notice

Name three things you can't live without.

Now imagine yourself stranded in an unknown place, without your three 'lifelines', without a single cent, no plastic, no mobile phone, no whatsoever resources, and with only the clothes on your back, how will you survive? How do you get from one point to the destination you are after?

For me, I will probably:

  • Look for the nearest police station and get help
  • Get them to take me to my country's embassy
  • Make a reverse charge call to someone I know
  • Beg for money
  • Beg for food

I think it sounds logical enough. Am sure there are a lot of good samaritans around who wouldn't mind sparing a few dollars. I am not raised a pampered child, and although I don't think I can live without the simple basics, I think I can rough it out if need be.

USA Network's Burn Notice will be aired starting 28th June, to show you how to deal with similar situation. And the twist here is, actor Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Weston, as a spy who is blacklisted, or rather, served a burn notice, where he is denied access to his financial accounts, he cannot seek help from the officials. So, he became a Private Investigator.

Michael returns to Miami, his hometown to find out the reason for his abrupt and sudden termination. Unlike other spy movies like James Bond, Burn Notice is laced with sacarstic humour and great excitement, guaranteed to keep you entertained throughout.

Want to know more how he survives? Watch Burn Notice.

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