Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Good Samaritan? Down you go!

Sometimes you wonder why if it's worth your while being nice and helpful.

Back in Malaysia, from what I have seen so far and experienced, we Chinese Asians are a selfish lot. 'Gi gi goo gi gi'....... and for a good reason. I admit I am the 'kia si' (afraid to die) type. All the more now that I have my own family.

Yesterday morning, a man, probably a husband, a father would have heard his wife and kids saying 'Bye honey' and 'Bye Daddy, see you in the evening', kissed them, and went off to work. Who would have thought, he never got home. Never did, never will. Gone forever. Just like that.
A senseless act of some coward daring to shoot but never dare to own up.

This man, a good samaritan, went to aid a woman who was believed to be in a domestic dispute with her boyfriend. And just like that, he was shot point blank, and another man now in critical condition. The woman wasn't spared either. Her boyfriend turned the gun on her too. She is now in serious but stable condition.

I can't help but feel angry. Very angry. Does life mean nothing? Worth nothing? Taken with just a pull at a trigger? If the good samaritan had minded his own business, he would be alive. But how can get past himself for ignoring the poor woman being harassed in public? And the price to pay? Death.

Imagine, if he has a wife and children, (I am not sure of his status) he won't be coming home tonight. Not tomorrow. Just like that. No goodbyes, not a word. How would you feel? Children, will they understand? His wife is left alone, to answer all these questions, from herself, from the children.

If it was a freak accident, a disease, I would have felt differently about it. But for a life to be taken away from such an irresponsible cowardish act, it just boils me up.

I have experienced this myself when my father passed away. It was a fine morning, I said 'Goodbye' to him and off I went to work. He was exercising in the garden, just like any other day. And that evening, when I got home, he was gone. Heart attack, in his sleep. At least he was in his own bed, we assumed he didn't have to suffer much, as his blanket was still on him, no signs of struggling.

I didn't get to say goodbye. Then again, how would I have handled it if I got the chance to? Will it be worse to see him go in front of my very eyes? How would I have handled death?

Good samaritan, rest in peace. Coward, may you be caught and rot in jail forever!

*Edit - Brendan Keilar was the victim, a 43 year old solicitor who is survived by his wife and three children aged 4, 6 and 9.


AceOne118 said...

Yeah! I seen it on the news today. If this guy get caught sure "death penalty" wan.

PEARLY said...

hi dear :
This is every women big worry , is not becos we are kia si or Gi gi goo gi gi'......., is the end of the day, your family come first , when I learn First AIDS the first thing there teach is look around is that safe to save a life and would not cos yourself danger , if it does call help and stay away , that is the way there teach , the men is very kind and lose his life for saving other ppl life , but when that moment if he stop and think of his family first ,he would go and got help and he will be safe , but he didn't , so he lost his life is very sad , but then we don't learn the mistake he make , be selffish in someway , is safe .
I hope you would not think I am a hearless cow , everyday I am so worry the same thing you mention too and my sister in law just lost her boyfriend last week and the funera is tomoro , he went to work and tell her will be back after work to bring her to visit my in law then never return not even had a chnce for my SIL to say gud bye and he is gone forever knock down by a lori , he is only 35 years old and he been to all the war lately just come back from iran . see don't be sad and pray for our love one each day to let them have a safe jouney xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

so sad to hear your post about this good man. ya, i know what you mean, sometimes we have to think what would happen in the end if we do stop by to help someone. it is pretty scary here too. just two days ago, a guy stopped his car to help a lady change her tyres, he was shot by someone just driving by them. just like that, he was gone too.

i am sorry to hear about the passing of your father in his sleep.


Sweetpea said...

pearly - that's precisely what i am saying. no u are not heartless, but in order to help someone, we have to think of our loved ones first. it's sad how this reality suck. and am sorry to hear about your SIL's bf. that's a freak accident that's hard to swallow, of facing all the bullets and bombs, he had to go this way..

whoisbaby - see what i mean? there are some freaks out there who thinks our own kind is just another shooting board. it's ok about my father. that's many years ago and at least he went peacefully.

allthingspurple said...

If you cant preserve your own life, how can you take care of your loved ones? I am one of those kiasi type as well.

Sweetpea, i know exactly how you feel about not being able to say goodbye to your dad. We lost our dad when 5 of us were abroad studying and its like something is not complete.