Monday, June 18, 2007

Perfect lunch... burrpp... and dessert

Thought I'd make Gyu-Don for tonight's dinner and I had to open up a new bottle of Teriyaki Sauce. Up popped the lid and out splashed the sauce which made beautiful art on my pants and kitchen floor.

Lucky I was wearing black pants. Sheeshh... got me in a cleaning frenzy. Washed a load of clothes, mopped and vacuumed, cooked. Oh yeah, had to wash my pink froggie house slippers too. Dang sauce.

But anyway, see what I had for lunch :)

$4.50 for the pack of Nasi Lemak. Considering a standard meal price is about $7.00 - $9.00, this is a good price to keep my really full.

And see the dessert, I know you may get that everyday at the market back home, but it's a treat for me as I try not to stuff myself too much. I've put on weight again lately coz I've been having large standard meals. Then on Saturday I couldn't stop adding chilli oil into my wanton noodles, yesterday I had a major tummy ache.

Was window shopping and told Wilkin to wait for me. It was a good 10 minutes. Har har! Well, it wasn't funny. My bum was on fire!

Gotta get that Lemon Detox..


AceOne118 said...

Wakakaka! with that chilli, I can feel the burning sensation!!

Sweetpea said...

ish... don't pway pway. next time need to eat more so i can rocket back to m'sia FOC! muuaahahhaaa!

LiL'deviL said...

*grrr* Excuse my stomach. I just hate it when I had to stop whatever I'm doing just because of a little mess. Then after cleaning up the mess I just don't have the mood to continue whatever I was doing already.

And oh, I thought frogs are green? hehehe...

Sweetpea said...

no mood still have to continue, unfortunately :(
hehe... slippers are pink, froggies are green.. but i use short cut mar.. kekeke