Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dressing up 'Lil Farm Boy'

I bought this soft toy for Aidan about three years ago, and obviously Lil Farm Boy isn't one of his faves, coz it is so clean.

I packed it away into a box, but took it out again as Aidan has recently been trying to tackle buttons, zippers and buckles, after watching the Preschooler DVD which I bought from the net last month. So I took Lil Farm Boy out again for him to practice.

A great learning toy with clothes that can be taken off and worn again, with 'shoes' that has shoestring and a velcro on the other. Zipper, click on button and hole button.

The overall can be taken off, as well as the red scarf and the white blouse. Great eh? Comes in a girl form too. Great gift for a one-year-old girl.

But my son hor, doesn't like him still! Aidan prefers the real thing, and has been buttoning up his own pajamas and loves playing with the buckles on Dada's belt. As for the zipper, he can have lots of practice right now at this time of the year as we wear lots of parkas and jackets. He can now wear his own jacket now where he learnt from the same DVD.

Poor Lil Farm Boy, unloved, but $80 well spent on the DVD.

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