Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Never too old to learn at Capella University

Have you ever thought of continuing your education once your children are older?

I have always been interested in psychology, but money seemed to be a factor back then. When there was enough, then comes family life, and so on. So it will be a dream of mine, to be able to get a degree with continuing education, preferably an online education programs at Capella University.

An accredited online university with bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs in business, IT, human services and psychology, it serves over 17,900 students from 56 countries. For the course of my choice, I would be looking at their Harold Abel School of Psychology which specializes in clinical, counseling, educational, general, sport, leadership coaching and industrial or organizational psychology.

The best thing with Capella University is that I learn when I want, with no classes to attend. They even provide tuition and financial aid. So, if you are still in tune with your studious side, request for a free guide on their site.

Or if you need the gentle nudge to get started, you will be inspired after reading a book titled 'Appreciative Coaching' which was co-authored by Capella University Faculty Member Sara Orem.

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