Monday, June 11, 2007

Long Weekend

I hated the fact that Wilkin knew my FIL was coming to our place and yet he didn't wake me up. This was on Saturday.

By the time FIL got here, I was still in my pajamas looking, well, just woke up, at about 15 minutes to 11am. Not nice, right? Because he did complain before about his own brother and his family of the same thing. And in the eyes of a FIL, this DIL looks a bit lazy lor... grumble, grumble. Lousy hubby.

We had takeaway lunch back at his house after a short outing, and then before driving back home, we stopped at a park at Murrumbeena. Great big park, and a somewhat dried up pond, right on where we sat. I don't know if the little stones are a new feature, which probably is coz they look clean, and so I hope.

This, used to be a pond...

Aidan making a 'butterfly' on the sand

Time to go home..

Come Sunday, today I had my 'bestest' meals in donkey years! We had lunch at Malaysian Garden in Clayton, and I ordered my Penang Assam Laksa. HOOIIYOOOHH!! The best I can taste! Here in Melbourne larr.... but very big portion. Then again For $8.00, it'd better be.

Before that, we were at Glen Waverley, I had told Wilkin to stop by an asian grocery store for me to get a pre-packed Sue's Nasi Lemak for dinner at work.

And now, I sleep a happy and contented woman. Koonite!


G @ said...

hehe instead of snow angel, made sand angel eh? creative indeed! both u and hubs good looking, can become modelling parents, hehe. Fuaaah got prepacked nasi lemak to buy at Melb?? U must take a photo and post abt it here.

janicepa said...

u missed the food here.. dont cha ??

Sweetpea said...

g - sand angel pun jadi lar. at least not mulch angel! ok ok, next time i buy one pack just to take the pic, then eat it! hahaha..

janice - don't u dare remind me. u owe me one wah chai dinner! :P

mott said...

oi? got this assam laksa place near the doncaster shopping mall, REALLY good one! i think it may be cheaper..then again, it's been ages since I last visited

ha ha..!

but seriously, it was really good.. just like here! and then got good nasilemak, curry laksa, popiah, prawn mee..

Sweetpea said...

i think i've heard about that. but doncaster so far lazy to travel that far mar :P

jazzmint said...

wahh...nasi lemak somemore hehehe