Monday, June 11, 2007

PAYjr Teen Prepaid Card

Ever wondered how your teens spend their weekly or monthly allowance? It's good if they can manage their money, but what if they are side-tracked into buying harmful substance such as alcohol or cigarettes? offers you the opportunity to keep track of your teens' spending. By issuing them Teen Prepaid card, you can educate them about budgeting, earning money, responsibility, while giving them flexibility and spending independence and learning about personal financial management. You can get them to do their chores on time too, as money will only be deposited into their card once they have finished their tasks.

You will know how and where your teens are spending the money, and funds in the Teen Prepaid card is much safer than letting them carrying cash. The cost of this PAYjr prepaid card is cheap and costs less than other teen programs and fees.

I think it's worth the peace of mind.

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