Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Got bonus at work last night :)

As if!

Work was swell last night, apart from a couple of the late night don't-talk-sense customers who somewhat hampered our happy spirits when we left.

Earlier in the evening we had a brief training on Bloom Cosmetics, and we all got freebies of a Lip Plump and a Full & Flirty Mascara each. Yeay!! Both products cost AUD$53.00 retail. I am not so sure about using the Lip Plump. I am happy the way my lips look, any plumper it will be bee-stung. And unless I have a 10% look of Angelina Jolie (not that I personally like her, but love her looks!) I don't need that kind of lips.

I was about to buy a new mascara though. So this was perfect timing!

Later at night, when I was entering some invoices, I needed to check on a certain product. I went round the corner, and guess what I found on the floor?

Jeng jeng jeng!!!!!


.................................... Not everyday you see this you know!


WAHLAU!!! I 'thun gai', I gabrah, eyes wide wide liao! There were a few customers in the store minding their own business. Then there was this guy walking towards the dispensary bench, where I was at, and I thought to myself 'Walk away! Walk away! Go far far!!'

No one was near the area, so I picked it up quick quick lor. Brought it back to the dispensary.

Here my dilemma started.

Should I pocket the money myself? Or hand it in to the pharmacist? I knew I couldn't do one thing though, that is asking around who dropped $50? Silly isn't it? And the first time I found $10 months ago, I handed in the money like a good girl should. Of course lar, no one came to claim, and where did the money go? Gone with the wind.... boss put it into the till with the rest of his profits. You'd think he will play finder's keepers, or at least use the money to get some treats for our shift. So this time I was quite reluctant leh.

When the store was quiet again, I told the pharmacist. (Saint was saying I did the right thing, Devil said STUPIAK STUPIAK STUPIAK!) She initially said to hand the money to the boss, but when other colleagues said what I had told you, we all agreed to zip our mouths and share the money if no one came in to claim (hahaha! Funny!) it at the end of the night.

So, I got another $12.50 bonus lor.... well at least if boss finds out, I am not the only one in trouble.



AceOne118 said...

Check-check my pocket got bocor anot sin! Hehehe.

Sweetpea said...

u drop RINGGIT i oso wan!!!

Vien said...

Aiseh! I would've pocketed it. Last Friday I was walking at the park and found a motorola blue tooth ear piece on the ground..hehe. Sorry, me no saint. :P

PEARLY said...

hi dear
finders keeper loses sweaper , my son always say when he find some money or toy or whatever , the next time you should just keep it all for yourself .
silly women now you got to share the $50 and onlyend up $12.50 .
anyway better then nothing la.

have a lovely day xxxxx

Simple American said...

I drop $50. Must be very strong winds. So strong it blow off all the US green. wakakakaka

Next time don't say anything. Then you get the full $50. Most people that lose money are too embarassed to go look for it again.

Oh well. At least you can sleep good now. ;)

shooi said...

I think u did the right thing. Keep it and see if anyone comes for it, and if not pocket it. Why give to boss? :P

Peng said...

at times we must be 'mata duitan'...did the right thing by keeping it.

IMMomsDaughter said...

I sapot you! Who wanna give back to boss wan? Next time you feel guilty, send the money to melah...ha ha

cairo's mommy said...

aiks your boss so terrible! should use the money for tea break if no one claim wat!

when i was cashiering at MPH during my college days, we'd put all "newfound" wealth into a jar... for topping up whenever anyone of us got "short" of the correct amount at the end of the day hehe

janicepa said...

aiyo... why ler.. u can have $50 for your own but u shared it ??
siao meh ??

chinese say .. "tey siong chap dou bou, man tin man tey tak ng dou "

ok lah .. if it's only $10 then u return it lah .. if it's $50.. it better to keep it !!..

so realistic huh.. tht's life.. kakaka

Evil Janice.. ngek ngek ngek ..

Sweetpea said...

vien - in park i would've pocketed it too. but i can't 'shit where i work' lor

everyone - i know! i was thinking hard to pocket the $50, but store got video cam, not that the boss checks it. anyway, IF he does check it, at least all 4 kena! hahahaa.... evil me :P

Etcetera~Mommy said...

The phamarcist should thank u.. :P

mott said...

haha...i have a thing against picking up other ppl's money. I find that I always get bad karma after that. ALWAYS!!

so..i'd donate it.

..then again, I'd still get bad karma.


Lovely Mummy said...

you did the right thing, not to say "tam sam", $50 only mah, ur boss got a lot, one loss nvm for ur boss oneee....

Sweetpea said...

etcetera~mommy - the 3 of them should! after sharing it's not a lot, but it's still $$

mott - u think only. then maybe your good karma will come ONE LUMP SUM! :)

lovely mummy - eh, he never lost any money wor. i found on the floor one! :P

ShannonC. said...

hahaha... if me, i think i will do wat u did, cuz i know i won't feel good keep quiet...
but arr, in my mom's shop, if any of her workers found n'thing, she'll put it aside and if no one comes back to claim, she will give it to the worker... good hoh?