Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Time Stands Still

Reflections Of Time is a new blog, new to me, that is, that I have been hopping to recently.

Godzillachai is a husband, and a father of one little son, soon to be three. I love reading his journey with his son.

There is this particular post that I am touched, Time Stands Still tells me that our children are lucky to have us, as we are lucky to have them. What about the orphans? Those who are abandoned, not wanted, and waiting to be wanted, to be taken home, be nourished with love, to know someone cares.


And psst! He has a great selection of mandarin songs at the bottom of his blog :)


Sasha said...

Hey about yr comment. The doctors can't use the medicine that they used for me for LilJ.The only thing that can stop diarrhea is leti be, cos they need to get the bug out otherwise it will stay in the tummy and will attack once in a while. For me I can force myself to eat and drink the salt water. But since he is so selective of his food, we cn only give him drip. Thats why.

Thanks for your concern! we're both fine edi! :)

Sweetpea said...

glad to know both are fine.
yes, there is nothing to treat the diarrheoa itself, we have to let it run its course, but there are medications to treat it symptomatically.
picky child eh? try making the oral rehydration salt water into icy poles, like ice-cream... most kids like it.

Simple American said...

Our kids are very lucky. Too bad they won't appreciate that fact, until they are hugging their own babies. :)

Sweetpea said...

SA - just like i didn't appreciate my parents at first, which brings me to my next post... :P