Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My Online Fitness Buddy

Ever wondered what was the total calorie intake yesterday after so many meals and a big scrumptious dinner? Then how about the calories used when the lift broke down and you had to walk up six flights of stairs to your office?

Won't you be stoked if I tell you that you can have your very own free calorie counter? It will be your food diary and you keep track of what you eat and tell you how many calories you have burnt by doing certain exercises such as aerobics to water polo, or even just by playing the piano.

The website My Fitness Pal offers 100% FREE registation, so you do not have to worry about whipping your credit card out. What it does is to assist you to achieve your goal in weight loss through healthy support, recipes, and it even support the diet that you may be currently on, e.g. Atkins, South Beach, the Zone, and many more.

You will be pleasantly surprised that there are foods in their list from A-Z, that can actually tell you how many calories you've consumed if you've eaten, even the McDonald's barbeque sauce. Join their community in a healthy discussion of ways leading to a healthier life with fellow members, or share your favourite recipe.

I urge you to sign up as soon as possible to get your very own personalized diet profile.

*This is a sponsored post


Vedis Teh said...

Ha... another free calarie counter member..;D

Share with you about getting rid of the unwanted stuffs

By the way, the song played on your blog does bring soothing effect...at least I stay a bit longer...;D to finish listening to it.

I think I may install one too.

Sweetpea said...

orrr, stay longer at my blog only to listen to the song. the things i write don't interest u meh? :P