Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Mummy to Chumsy told me that she gets a headache, well not exactly the same word, you'll get a headache all the same, trying to remember all the different usernames and passwords for different sites, in our cases, the 'bosses' that pay us for our posts.

Good news, ol' friend, I treat your headache, ok? Free of charge :)

See, before I write paid posts actively, I started of with signing up for paid surveys, pay per clicks, affiliate programs, you know, stuff like that. I had to painstakingly fill in my details every single time I sign in for a new site, believe you me, there are hundreds of them out there.

My solution? ROBOFORM.

What this does is that I only need to fill in my details once, and it will memorize my passwords and logs me in automatically. So whenever I log on to Bloggers ke, PPP ke, Yahoomail ke, whatever sites that I have favourited, just one click... kautim!

I have shunned pay per clicks site since, and only kept one paid survey site which actually pays me. I think only available in UK, Australia, perhaps some other countries, but I am really not sure. It pays me by cash vouchers, which I opt for Coles, where I shop my groceries from. Anyone interested, check out Valued Opinions. If you are in the UK, just change the site address from .au to .uk

Back to ROBOFORM. Note though, it only allows 10 free logins, any more than that, you have to pay. Don't ask me how much lar, coz although I said I have many bosses, I don't have THAT MANY bosses. But the point is, at least I can log in pronto.

Hope this helps. And oh yeah, please, do the old fashion back up. JUST IN CASE!


Mommy to Chumsy said...

hahaha..my headache is not only this...it's that some bosses don't want me lah. dunno why :( no choice so i have to try my best to grab PPP.

Sweetpea said...

but i solve at least one arr??? :)