Thursday, June 21, 2007

Groovy mailboxes

How many of us are aware that mailboxes are one of the essential item for homes?

I think most of us take for granted that mailboxes are just outdoor stuff, unseen, unheard, not taken noticed of until we need to check on our mails. All the more for those who live in apartments. To them, mailboxes are just pigeon holes.

So it is fascinating to know that there are companies out there which manufacture a wide variety of mailboxes, from residential mailboxes such as single units and post packages for houses and home offices. See this one? Reminds me of the movie, The Lakehouse. Classic, eh? It has got a die cast flag and uses a magnet to keep the door closed. This type of mailbox is postal service approved. I'd like one like this. also offers a lot more mailbox categories, but I would say their another best-selling mailboxes will be the commercial mailboxes for offices, and even high security mailboxes for large companies.

Other than mailboxes, also offers the sale of curbside decor, address plaques and numbers, and extra services such as a handyman company so you won't have to waste your time in searching for someone to install your mailbox.

And if you like, get your friend a mailbox as a new house gift, or housewarming present with the site's gift certificate, as low as from $10.

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