Thursday, June 21, 2007

What will help when you child has a cold? Part Two

In this post I will refer to a child as 'he'.

When your child has a cold and if you think it's okay for you not to bite your fingernails and send the otherwise active boy to the doctor, here's something that might help ease the symptoms:

  • Take lots of rest. It may help fight the virus and help him and everyone at home feel better

  • Encourage him to drink lots of fluid, meaning the usual amount. Offer something soothing.

  • Saline (salt water) drops or spray such as Fess or Narium can help clear mucus. These are non-medicated decongestant nasal spray. Mucus can cause blocked noses in babies, and they do not know how to breath through their mouths, and even when they can, it can result in sore throats and sleeping difficulties. Fess Little Noses comes with an aspirator and is ideal for newborns and babies. The aspirator is used to suck excess mucus from the nose, keeping babies nose clear.

  • Use a vaporizer that creates steam for easier breathing. Remember to keep room well ventilated. For babies, try not to use inhalants. Steam alone is sufficient.

  • Humidifier is another option, personally I think it may be a better choice safety wise, if you have older chilren at home, as it releases cool misty air and avoid itchy fingers or hands getting burned or scalded. You also have the option of getting one which has all the features of filtering dust, pollens, smoke and bacteria too.

  • Elevate the mattress underneath the pillow with telephone books. This will help baby breathe better.

Disclaimer: This information is not to be used as medical advice or substituted for treatment by your health care provider

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