Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hair that stays forever

Out with the laser hair treatment, wigs, medications, serums and shampoos, that promise you a full head of hair. Once you stop using them, your hair goes down the drain again.

Hair Transplant is the permanent way, and currently the preferred method for those seeking an answer to stop hair loss. What is done here is that donor grafts, the healthier part of the head will full hair are divided to create mini grafts consisting of one to five hairs, and then transplanted into the thinning area. When the grafts begin to grow within three to six months, it will grow indefinitely, just like before!

Dr. Shapiro's Hair Institute offers this amazing solution with a walk-in walk-out procedure, usually for 3-5 hours, so you can be very discreet about it. Dr. Shapiro will personally discuss with you on designing your hairline, answers whatever concerns that you may have with regards to the procedure and determine the number of grafts needed and the cost involved, and if you are interested, informs you of their interest free payment plan. You can also check with him about viewing a surgical procedure.

It is a great and affordable solution to hair loss.

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