Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Two very funny incidents today

I pulled a sicky today.

No, this is not funny. But I did get take sick leave today, just because. I am not sick, just a little unwell. Sneeze, cold, half lost my voice. How to talk to customers like this? And also, I haven't taken one for so long, I might as well take a real one without guilt.

We went to my friend's place so our sons can have a play-together. Later in the afternoon we went for yum char. Remember the video? We always find it funny and laughed over it, so he thought he was funny when he said he needed to wee and pulled his pants down at the restaurant, full audience! Aiiikkkss!! This is first funny.

At home, Aidan likes to take Puppy along when he wees. Usually I will tell him to hold Puppy up high so it won't get wet or dirty. Today, after we got back from dinner, he wanted to wee. Same thing, but I guess the parka he was wearing made him a little clumsy, and Puppy fell into the toilet bowl! Muaahahahhaa!

Lucky thing he hasn't done his wee yet. Still, I have to give puppy a bath. Good timing too. At least now I've got a reason to pry Puppy away from him. All night he was saying, 'Puppy all wet, Puppy choong leong.' (Puppy taking his bath)

And with the foot mousse incident, he did it again today. So I really piak piak him today.

On another note, my blood test and ultrasound reports on my thyroid glands came back fine, but found two tiny lumps which is not active so far. I've been recommended to go for another ultrasound in six month's time just to make sure everything is normal.

Why old already so troublesome one??!!


AceOne118 said...

Hope that 2 tiny lumps are nothing serious, huh!!

Vien said...

LOL! I can't believe he pulled down his pants in the public. Did he wear any underwear?

Don't get too stress out. I heard stress has something to do with inflammation of thyroid glands.

mott said...

hahaha..i hear you!!!! the "old" part! you're right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

janicepa said...

owh.. u better take care oh...

Sweetpea said...

yinsi and janice - ya, hope nothing serious.

vien - i don't think i am stressed wor...donno leh, maybe i am but i don't feel it :P and yes, aidan wore underwear, but he pulled that down too!! 'cikuteng' in full view!

mott - the letter F for a 'certain' number is just looming around the corner... sigh!

blur_mommy said...

haha.. Aidan so cute!! better not laugh any more otherwise he will pull his pants down again in public! hehe..

Sweetpea said...

blur_mommy - ya! he thinks it's funny, so i think i'd better keep a straigh face next time