Thursday, June 28, 2007

Icy Slurpee on a cold winter evening

I began to realize lately that Aidan gets bored easily.

I guess it's only fair as he is getting older and needs more interaction. Just a few months ago he was still taking his arvo naps and I was still able to do some paid postings, but recently he hardly slept. Although I can still post about our daily lives and other craps, I find it difficult to concentrate to paid posts. Hence you have been seeing less of it from me (lucky to some, not so lucky for me), although when I do make a come back, I do it with a vengeance :P

I am personally not good at craft. And I do believe that arty messy craft should only be done at school. Hehehehehe! While Aidan is getting better at defining dots and lines, he seems not quite interested in pastings.

Anyway, yeah, I had to fool around with him, acting out imaginative plays, riding bikes and horses, car racing on the floor mat, trains chug-a-chugging and chasing him round and round the house. It wasn't as cold today, so I decided we should go for a short walk instead of getting stuck in the house always. All geared up, we walked up the road to our corner 7-11, thinking I will give him a treat of whatever chocolate his chose, usually KitKat.

But his eyes weren't even wandering near the section. It was automatically fixed on the Slurpee machine. I tried distracting him without success. He walked straight up to the Slurpee machine, and said with a loud and clear voice 'This one!' while pointing to the pink slurpee. I asked 'Are you sure? It's very cold.' I know this was a silly question imposed on one excited boy thinking of nothing else but THAT Slurpee.

So I reached for the smallest cup and helped him fill it up. Boy, he screamed with delight to see the pink slurpee oozing out. It was such a pleasant sight.

So there were, headed slowly back home, his cold little fingers holding tightly to the precious ice.
See one happy little boy?

And now here comes the cough...... thanks to me. Am coming down with a cold, I know it and I think I may have passed it on to him. I've got a ticklish throat and irritating cough right now, and Aidan is also coughing in his sleep.



U.Lee said...

G'day Sweetpea, oooh poor you, catching a cold.
Quick, go Chinese medicine shop look for 'Hor Yan Hor' (made in Ipoh) very good herbal drink for coughs, cold, fever, aches and pain....not for romancing though, heh heh. Drink 3 or 4 cups, kow tim.
Ahhh, I'm the first one in this time, your post I mean.
Wa, your friend Pearly throw stone at my place kena the ceiling pling, plong, plup, plup...say how come I visit you once only?
Sorry, would love go to Crocodile Dundee's country often, but I have no link and to travel down Australia way, I first knock on Pearly's door, she open, I go out back door, go to yours, ha ha.
Become pintu belakang man, pulak. Ha ha. Prefer front door always.
Anyway, you take care and take something for your cough.
Your Aidan...I love that name, soooo cute la!
When you getting him a sister?
G'day, UL.

Sweetpea said...

hi ULee,
i wish we can get the simple things like ho yan hor or cap tiga kaki here. anyway, being me i always like to 'simmer' in it, not taking any medication, waiting for it to go away. mother's style :P

hahaha, sorry for the damaged ceiling. i didn't know pearly's aiming is that perfect. front door is always opened to you, you're welcomed to visit anytime.
g'day mate~

who else said...

aidan's so cute in his winter clothing especially his crocs gum boots :) eh! do try some honey with apple cider vineger.

Sweetpea said...

his 'gu che' bought his this parka. he looks like a big boy or a mini biker :) except for the gumboots, haha! i will drink anything warm i can find at home, honey lemon, or 'kook far' instant tea.
thanks for the suggestion but lazy to buy the apple cider vinegar, coz i know i'll only take a few teaspoon and the rest, sits in the cupboard till it expires :P

janicepa said...

haiya... i dun understand y wan to eat ice-cream during winter..

my sis like to do tht too...

wHOisBaBy said...

he sure enjoyed his cup of slurpee. even the cold weather didn't stop him. hehehe

PEARLY said...

hi dear sweetpea :

well don't you already test it . winter time have ice cream is really yummy . well not out dorr la . keep warm in the house and have a big bowl of yummy yummy ice cream wwooooooooooooolovely much more better that sex . ahhhahah just joking .

look at the little one red chick appr on his face such a handsome boy ler .

take care yourself don't get cold .
we use to boil apple with almon and red date and pork < without fat on it > for soep to driker will stop the ticklish coughing try this it help for us and wenwen always boil this when she cough bad . work well .
chat with you soon

Sweetpea said...

janice and anna - but it's funny how when it's cold and you have something cold, it's kinda nice :)

pearly - noted! another new recipe :)