Saturday, June 23, 2007

Moving? No sweat

The Packing Station has all the things you need under one roof.

Moving is a tedious and strenuous task and best leave it to the experts. But when you can't do that, The Packing Station has all the packing materials you need such as boxes and cartons of different shapes and sizes to suit your needs, bubble wrap for the more delicate things and corrugated papers to protect your other precious cargos like artwork and gifts.

There are more advanced packing materials too such as furniture covers, removal boxes and cushioning and voidfill that can be used without tapes, and is great for absorbing shock to prevent breakage to your favourites things.

The Packing Station is like a paper family. Aside from packing materials, there are also mailing and despatch items. All board and bubble lines envelopes, CD/DVD mailers, padded and poly mailing envelopes, postal packs and tubes, all great for offices!

You need craft materials for schools? They even have multi-colored crepe papers, gift boxes, rolls of colored Kraft papers. I cannot mention enough. Phew! Well, you know where you need to go to when and if you need anything to do with papers!

*This is a sponsored post

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