Friday, June 22, 2007

Poor little finger

Aidan was playing at the backyard yesterday afternoon, and I heard him shout, sounded like more in anger. Then he came running in crying.

On his right index finger bed, there was a tiny slash, looked a bit like a paper cut, but deeper. I don't know where he copped that, as he was playing with bubbles. Or he may have hurt himself earlier, and the bubbles made the wound stung.

My poor little rascal was on and off crying a few times yesterday evening, and I put bandaid on it so he won't feel the unnecessary pain. You know how it feels if we touch the water, salt, etc. But then my boy took it off, and I had to use new bandaid. I know some kids love applying bandaids all over their bodies, but Aidan is not really into that, even if I gave him his favourites like winnie and friends and dinosaurs.

This morning he came running to my bed and showed me this cone-shaped bandaind which may have escaped from his little finger, and asked me to put it back. Me, not quite awake, bleary-eyes, could hardly see in the semi-darkened room. But it's a mother's duty right?

And earlier this evening I was in the toilet. He screamed and came running into the toilet, showing me his finger and said 'Pain', tears down his cheeks. What am I supposed to do? I feel awkward comforting him in the toilet. I mean, really! I tried to shoo him out, but he gave me this sad, helpless, tortured-looking face.

Sigh... so I had to hug him in while I was in the toilet bombing Hiroshima. I don't think he minded the smell :P

Any mums with any weird-er or uncomfy stories?!


Zara's Mama said...

Haha.. so cute.. have to hug him while doing the big business..

Actually I don't think the kids mind our farts, BO or even 'bomb' smell.. Maybe when they are older they will..

Hope his cut is better now.

Sweetpea said...

zara's mama - yea i don't think they notice the bad morning breath as well :P

Mummy to QiQi said...

my gal used to sit on my lap in the toilet too, be it big or small biz. she dont even mind of the smell, guess its more comfy insid with mum than alone in d room. now that she has grown, she only get inside the toilet with me when we visit public toilet, but she'll ask funny thing about wat she see, REAL LOUD, hahaha!!!

Elly said...

Mika n me enjoy doin our big biz in the toilet! He'll be on his big potty(yeah still fits on that!) and we just chat...i know it's silly! fyi...not all the time la...just when i need or he needs to poo at the same time...LOL!

hope Aidan's finger is a-ok now. *kiss kiss* from me too.

mott said...

mine will hang around like a bad smell and give a running commentary.


Sweetpea said...

mummy to qiqi - i am waiting for that day! anyway, when he is older, i guess dada will have to take him. am saved!

elly - donno leh.. i feel funny, how can?!

mott - hahhahaaa... have u read my poo list? you should print one out for reference :)