Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Tuesday night's dinner and tonight's hearty and warm meal

Yeah, as if you want to know what we ate.

But I'm gonna post it anyway :P

This dish alone, at least $10. Salmon and snow fish are expensive here, ranging from $18 to $22 per kilo. I bought this much of salmon and another cutlet of snow fish, and it cost me about $19. But if you think of it as eating at home, then it's not expensive lar.

This is grilled salmon and boiled bokchoy. I made a bit of ginger soysauce to go with it.

Then hor, I read Erina's blog about the Ipoh salted chicken, and it made my mouth watered so much, I had to make one! Looks easy enough. BUT, unfortunately, I was too 'kam kam cheng' (in a hurry) and took it out too soon. So when I steamed it the second time, the outer layer of the meat was already hardened. Darn.

And Wilkin being quite a fussy eater, of course didn't finish the chook if it isn't that nice. So there was like half a chook left in the fridge. What do I do?! Then I thought I improvise lor, It smelled nice with the dong guai, so I added in some chinese cooking wine (I heat the wine up and the cooled it again before pouring over the chook) and left it in the fridge for a day.

And it became Cold Salty Drunken Chicken! The skin was actually crunchy! Hahahaa.... I just walloped the whole thing. Fingers still smell of dong guai :P

Today was hectic for me. Rushed of for Aidan's swimming class as I decided not to swim and washed my hair last minute coz I wasn't feeling too well. Don't feel like a full on cooking so I thought I'd make something simple and whole.

And I made this. While I am typing, it's still stewing in it's own juice. Hah! I like the phrase :P Supposed to be beef and butter bean casserole, but I don't have a casserole dish. So I china aunty a bit and put in claypot. Kakakakaaaa............

Just nice for a cold night..

ps* butter beans are not in yet, in case you are wondering where the foog are the beans :P


Sasha said...

eh janji its from the heart ma. not nice also the hubby shud say ....nice *big smile* hahah

Sweetpea said...

he nice or not nice also wont' say anything one. from action i can see :P but sometimes if it's nice he'll mention a bit bit lar... like 'this is not bad'... not bad eh? duh!

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

Wow COld salty Drunken Chicken! Like some sleek kunfu moves! LOL..

Bad guy: I will dominate the world!!

Good guy: Not till u have a taste of my cold salty Drunken Chicken!

Bad Guy: ai ya! Never expected that my hot awaken prawn will lost to your cold salty drunken chicken moves! *fainted*

LOL... sorry too much crap..LOL..

Mummy to QiQi said...

food from heart, surely taste sweet to the tooth :)

jazzmint said...

wah sedap...i want the cold salty drunken chicken oso kakaka

Sweetpea said...

kev - haha, i did think about the beggar chicken and jackie chan stuff leh! but lucky no drunken fist yet hey..

mummy to qiqi - u no say, it's survival, not pleasure cooking :P

jazzmint - u go make one. easy peasy!

erinalaw said...

Hahaha.... from Salted Chicken to Cold Drunken Chicken pulak. Not bad leh. But, you can always take the chicken meat for fried rice too. Anyone had tried Salted Chicken or Cold Drunken Chicken Salad before? *scratch head*

Sweetpea said...

err... i don't think it will taste nice with salad... funny leh! but if u have good recipe am ready to try, coz my brain donno how to improvise one :P

Health Freak Mommy said...

You can also fry the overnight salted chicken with some garlic, shallots, a dash of rice wine and sugar and some oyster sauce or thick black sause. Tastes good too.
What is butter bean?

Sweetpea said...

shireen - i do. that's delicious! sometimes i do that to the siew yoke as well. love them.
as for butter beans, one of the beans family :P i really donno, i just taruh watever i can find, you can even taruh lentils, which is really good fibre and protein source.
you'll be amazed with the types of canned beans u can find here in our supermarkets!