Saturday, June 02, 2007

Paid posts lost its appeal to me... somewhat...

No, I am not trying to 'sai mang' (show off). I don't make enough to gloat anyway.

Perhaps it has got something to do with not being able to grab the opps from PPP for the past few days. Or perhaps lately I haven't been able to write paid posts in the afternoons as well, since Aidan seldom takes his arvo naps now. And by night time, especially after work, I don't feel like thinking anyway.

Then there are opps from other sites, some repeat opps, which I don't quite like the idea of posting the 'same' thing again. Of course, I have to change the words a little here and there, still, for example I have been offered the same opp three times, from different sites of course. Some may think it's okay. Heck, I think it's okay too, but to blog the same thing again within 2 weeks, that's a little bit too extreme lor.

Most of us are experts now in differentiating (is there such a word?!) real posts and paid posts, so we don't read the paid ones that much anyway, but I find no thrill is blogging the same thing. You must be asking 'Heem chin sang?' (Don't I want the money?) Yar, yar, it does smell a little fishy! Haha, naah... really, since this is not a hundred percent paid posts dedicated blog, I want to keep to my so-called principal lor. Make myself happy with money, have to make relatives and friends happy as well with not so many of these posts too. After all, they visit my blog to keep updated about our lives overseas, or blogofrens like you and I, who keep each other updated and entertained with our complaints, child/ren, jokes, rants, gossips, life, beautiful or ugly, happy or sad, hot or cold, recipes, new shoes, new bags, new clothes, old farts a.k.a. hubbies.

So, thanks everyone for coming by this humble blog, drop some comments. I lurve comments, and keep coming back :)

I must be having an attack of the S.A.D., since today is officially the second day of winter. Cold, wet, miserable.

Must go and have my favourite Vietnamese pho tonight....

As for now.. *yaawwwnn* ...... and oh yeah,

*Happy Father's Day!* (just don't be fatter, or a farter, but be a gr8 far*er... mmuuahahhahaaa!!!!!!)

to everyone that is celebrating. Not us in the land of Down Under. Come September, then you can wish me back, I mean, my hubby..


AceOne118 said...

There are opps for you to grab. It just that you saw 5 bucks mia opps which you are just not interested !!! right? wakaka!!!

happy father's day to your "lou kung" said...

Hahaha, all of us got the same syndrome wan lah. That's why I stick to only PPP mostly. 'Cos my kid and I will be checking, "Is our face up there?" If yes, good. If not, then, "Mummy go write PPP hor, then we see our face there."

G @ said...

hey same thing here, it is almost impossible to grab opps after 7am onwards right up till i dunno, i sleep abt 11pm. I guess once Asia wakes up, that's it, they'll grab 'em b4 we do! i can only grab an opp or two when i wake at 5.30am and until 6.30am .. sometimes NIL and impossible too, other ppl are just too quick *LOL* P/S i like ur banner, mom and son very good looking!

dragonmummy said...

I wrote about something similar

For 3 few days I didn't login to check if there's any opps. I took only 1 last night, whereas earlier on I can rush like crazy for 8 opps a day. Very tiring, writing the same same topic again.

Now both of us also "yim chin seng" haha. :)

mott said...

i know what u mean..

it's the same ol' same ol' 6.01

i just wish someone would get rid of it!

Sweetpea said...

aceone - not like dat lar.. but sometimes late at night $5 for 100 words, lazy to think.. that BUG movie... so many things to do!

5XMom - haha. i know i can never get my face up there, so i jump sites until i forget my usernames sometimes!

g - i have no idea when PPP posts new opps, i just assume when they start work, their time 9am my time around tennish at night, your time 8pm or so?? thanks for compliment :)

dragonmummy - wah ! 8 opps! how u do the fillers then?

mott - go submit a ticket!!

+Ren said...

OK what, got used to all the ads also. If it got you a new vacuum cleaner, it's great! :D

papajoneh said...

Thanks for the Happy Father's Day wish.:)
I wan to feel the same, but blog not yet approved. So, in a way I'm glad too that no sponsored ppost to make ;)

Sweetpea said...

+ren - yaa... see wat i want to buy next :P

papajoneh - thanks for visiting. see lar, tonight, maybe, just maybe, may have to do repeat opps..coz if i don't, next time they won't give me more opps :( stuck also, huh?