Friday, June 01, 2007


Okay, okay.

Got enough money for a BigMac meal deal. Have to get a little extra pocket money for comfort food like this to treat a new disorder I have self-diagnosed.

I was listening to the radio last night on my way to work, and a new disorder called Seasonal Affective Disorder is born. True, no? Winter, windy, wet, cold, miserable, dark at 5.30pm, always hungry, getting fatter. So, shouldn't I be SAD??

See my blog also feeling grey now, coz no good paying opps. But I guess I shouldn't complain much too. Something is better than nothing. At least I can still pay for my monthly Foxtel subscription.

On a happy note, I did my header... ALL. BY. MYSELF.

Waah! SO Clever of me! No one laughs okay? I've already told you peepel many times I am a computer retard. So this is a fantabulous achievement for me. *Proud* Hmph! I spent nearly two hours on it! I warned you not to laugh, eh?

*Roll sleeves get stink bombs ready*


blur_mommy said...

* clap clap clap * very nice header!!!! How u do ar??

The New Parent said...

Hi -- well, not sure about the SAD, but I think your header looks terrif! Did you do the drawing?
It adds a wonderful touch to the look of your blog.

Sweetpea said...

thanks, both :)*blush*
i didn't do the drawing. it was a pic edited with PhotoStudio, photoshop if u like :)

Health Freak Mommy said...

That's a very nice pic. I'm more of an IT idiot than you. Eerrmm... how do you add a pic into your header actually? Seriously, i want to know.

allthingspurple said...

Wahhhhhh!!!!! You so clever, ar? I havent even the slightest clue where to start on changing my header, and you took only two hour wat.

Seriously, my first thought was ,"Wow, new face-lift"
Second thought, "Wonder if sweetpea drew this"
Third thought "wow,if she drew this, she is quite an artist"

BTW, Aidan is so leng chai in the below post(the one with the goggles)

Sweetpea said...

shireen - i'll do a post on that directing u to the right blog :) but if u read our blogger's dashboard page, the blog is there

allthingspurple - got online instructions easy lor. but i didn't draw leh. i get F for my art :P this i use PhotoStudio.
like this hensem meh? hehehe..