Friday, June 01, 2007

These hammocks rock!

All my teen life I've only watched TV with actors lying in hammocks in the Bahamas, Cancun, or similar exotic, romantic, idyllic islands.

When I actually get to experience lying in one while holidaying in Penang, I thought, this is how my life should be. Hammock, book, Piña Colada. Bliss... Apart from the seaside, I can visualize hammock in the huge backyard, with barbeque going on, friends frolicking in the pool. Ahhh.. the lifestyle of the rich...

Little did I know about hammocks. The website Hammocks Rock offers all the things I need to know about hammocks. Instead of the standard in-between-two-palm-trees hammock, there are hammock chairs. I never knew that! Great stuff for homes as it only require single support point. Then there are portable hammocks for camping with built-in mosquito netting and rain canopies. Huh?!
Really, you've got to visit this site to know more interesting stuff. You will get to know types of hammock fabrics for different types of usage, such as cotton for comfort and polyester for durability, and the pros and cons of the materials. Also, there are accessories such as pillows, blankets, springs and drink holders but rocker kits? What is that? This, you've got to find out for yourself.

You will find the story behind the hatteras hammock interesting, apart from being featured in bestsellers lists and ranked highly in consumer reviews. Yet another good info in my knowledge bank.

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