Friday, June 01, 2007

Shopping all day yesterday

It is SO COLD in the mornings now, I don't want to get out of bed.

Unfortunately, I have to, being a domestic engineer, and part of my job description is sending my small boss to his 'offices' and other 'meetings.' Yesterday was swim class day. He sounded like he has chesty cough (or was I TRYING HARD to imagine he has one?) and I said to him 'No swimming today, can? We go gai-gai (shopping) instead?'

'No ah! No ah! No ah! Swimming arr..eerrh,erhrheehrrrr... swimming, swimming!'

'Okay, okay, okay, we go swimming.' And I had to drag myself out from my warm, comfy cocoon. I shivered at thought of water, and decided I won't swim. Bessie and Wilkin's aunt from Sydney was going to drop by at noon anyway, and we had to get home early. At the pool, it was warm, but of course. Really, if I didn't pay for the full term, I would have given some excuses not to go.

We came home and waited for the two ladies to turn up, and we went yumchar, and shopping after that. Wilkin's aunt wanted to get something for Aidan, and she bought him a book and she wanted to pay for this as well.........

Yeah well... silly mummy doesn't know how to put the goggles on. I wasn't a fan of goggles during those 'swimmin' years, and still not now. But I want Aidan to know he can see better in the water with these, and if he chooses not to wear them later, that's his choice.

See, I don't even know how to put it on for him properly, and I think I pulled at his hair, he didn't like it at all obviously. All the same, he was happy with his toy of the day all day, and kept taking it everywhere, repeating 'swimming goggles' after many attempts from me to correct him from saying 'sunglasses'.... hahaha....

By 6.00pm he was exhausted, he actually climbed into his own bed and under his blanket. I told him he has to take his bath and eat his dinner first!

Ooo yess!! He slept early alright :)


Anonymous said...

haha.. he've this "look-what-my-mom-did-to-my-hair!" look !

pearly said...

oh he is so cute , bet you have lot of fun with him today swimming . kids there love to swim my 3 there will stay for hours if you let them . seeeing Aidan it remeber me when mind so young .
you keep yourself warm and take care
lot of love and kiss to the little angel xx

jazzmint said...

oo he look so handsome

Sweetpea said...

jo - not me! the goggles leh..

pearly - i know, given the choice, he won't want to get out too. and he loves the wave pool. i hardly have any strength to keep up with him!

jazzmint - haha! like this also handsome! :P