Saturday, July 28, 2007

Big Beautiful Women

I can't figure out guys. Just when you think you understand them in their taste for women, you'll be surprised when they tell you their inner fantasies!

This Aussie friend of mine is still single. He always gives me the impression that he likes slim, athletic pretty girls, as gym is part of his daily life. So as we were chatting over chai lattes and blueberry muffins, he confessed that he fantasizes about big big girls. I was like 'Whoa!' I mean, I have nothing against big women, in fact I have friends who are big, small, fat, thin, tall, short, but I thought I knew this guy friend well enough.

Anyway, he said he has been surfing the site which has thousands of bbw personals (by the way, BBW means Big Beautiful Women) and is doing some serious online dating at the moment.

In any case, whatever happens, it's his life and I wish him happiness.

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