Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sick of balloons, sick of salespeople

Every single time when we go to any shopping centre, there will be temporary stalls be it Foxtel, Paintballs, credit cards, donations, whatever.

But the one I see most is the Mathemagic counter. No fail, they have balloons, and today, a new gimmick, a very tall jar of jelly beans. The staff will approach just about anyone with kids, and any woman who looks like she's already got kids. Yeah, me!

I will always politely tell them my son is not of schooling age yet, and they will usually leave me alone. When Aidan was much smaller, or rather, shorter, they left us alone too.

But yesterday hor, NMFL, one girl approached me while am hand in hand with Aidan, and before she said anything, I said 'No thanks', smiled, started to walk away. She wasn't about to let go of her chance and asked how old Aidan was. I told her the same thing as usual, not schooling yet. Her response? 'No Way!'

Dang it, do I look like a person who lies? (Yeah, I do sometimes, but I don't look like a louchin okay?) Do I look like I need so much to lie to you just to get away from you? I don't have to give you reasons anyway.

She continued asking 'Is he in Prep?' FYI, Prep is 5 years old class, just before Year One. I still smiled and said 'No, he's not four yet.' She looked at me in disbelief. Tell me. What's so hard to understand leh? Again, do I need to lie to you? I still smiled and walked away.

So what if he's tall? Am proud. At least he won't be like me. He's already up to my lower breast line. By the way, am only 5 feet two and three-quarter inch tall. Hahhaaa... confused? Okay lar, about 155cm then. His height and weight has always been on the 90 percentile chart. Go read random fact number 7 of me.

Next time I'll just tell them 'No money' and I bet you anything, they'll tell me they have instalment plans.


khai khee said...

yes, i too sick of those salespeople, especially those selling credit cards. and they wont give up, follow a long long way with you..

btw, you got tagged by me -

eastcoastlife said...

hehehe... you're so pissed. Yes, if it's me, I'll be too. How dare she called me a liar!

We get such aggressive sales people in our malls and Orchard Road pedestrian walks. And they are really very irritating.

kaklong said...

i hate sales people lor.. but sometimes pity them coz that's how they can make money for themselves..

Sweetpea said...

KK - well, at least they don't follow us around here, thank goodness :P

ECL - they are, but sometimes i can't help but feel for them too. i know they are trying to earn a living the right way, but it's still annoying leh!

kaklong - that's true. well, at least they are trying and it's a decent job.

Simple American said...

Wow! He is tall.

Wah. And you are tiny.

And that girl is so persistent. Slap her face next time.

Sweetpea said...

SA - then i'll be sued? u pay for me? hehe.