Saturday, July 28, 2007

Who's Peter Belisi?

About Peter Belisi, he is the ONE behind the great fashion blogs for both men and women.

Am not about to become a typical housewife. I want to be a wife and mum with good fashion sense. Now where do I get the tips from? Belisi's blogs are full of tips from the latest fashion accessories such as handbags, purses and silk scarves. His blog for women The Divas Dreams advises on suitable colours to wear for each season, based on our individual hair, skin and eyes colours, the shoes to wear and solution to your bad hair days!

As for the guys, hey. Belisi knows best. Sharp by design is created just for you. Not only on good designer fashion clothes, you actually get great ideas for gifts such as ties, cufflinks, cookbooks (ooh! I love it if my hubby cooks) digital photo frames, shave kits and much more.

So guys and gals, no more dowdy fashion excuses!

*This is a sponsored post

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stay-at-home mum said...

Aiyo! Looks like he made big fashion booboo. All dressed up but my eagle eyes tell me that he is not wearing any socks! Heeeheee.