Friday, July 27, 2007

Cool personalized items for kids

When Aidan was first born, I got this hospital pack full of freebies and magazines, and one of them is from Identity Direct.

They have huge range of personalized items and gifts for children and everything was so cute I couldn't resist, so I ordered a growth chart of Toy Story with Aidan's name and date of birth printed on it. And every month for the first year and the years after that, I note down his height and weight on the chart. It's still here on his bedroom door.

Then when he started going to playgroups and occasional care, some of us mums always got our drinking cups mixed up, so I ordered a batch of name stickers. It comes in a set of different colours, plain and I chose this dinosaur pic. Cute, yes? No more missing items.

He will be attending kinder next year, and I am thinking of ordering a cool lunch bag for him just like this one.

One thing with Identity Direct, I don't have to worry about contacting them, they send me brochures time to time and I just send in my orders. Simple as that.

*This is a sponsored post

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