Friday, July 27, 2007

Diarrhoea pulak!

Poor little rascal has been out of action 3 days.

I dont' know what to make of it. Every symptoms seems so mild, but he has the lot. He has the diarrhoea now, but not to the point where he can't control his bowel movement. He can still tell me that he needs to go.

So, no kinder today. Am sure he's happy watching the TV all day long, since we can't go out too. In case he needs to rush to the loo and am still limping a bit. Have to save the energy for work tonight.

It's fate. Everything happens for a reason. Since we are both out of action, we're not going to Marysville tomorrow. I didn't even dare to mention the word S.N.O.W. in front of him. He has been asking about snowman. BUT, the good thing is, initially Wilkin mentioned to Ching about our trip, and Ching said he and his family can't go this week, but it will be nice if we could go together next week. We've already made the plan with Bessie, my SIL to go this week, we couldn't back out and she had to work next Saturday.

And now, well, seems like we have to miss one company and gain another. I guess Aidan will have more fun with the kids.

Fingers tightly crossed, please please please, let there be plenty of snow, let it be good weather, and let us go!


huisia said...

poor boy,hope he gets well soon

Sweetpea said...

huisia - thanks. wat about mummy leh? poor me too! :P

mom2ashley said...

i think it's fated that you all not go to Marysville...:)

Sweetpea said...

mom2ashley - muahaha.. maybe there'll be more snow during the week and fate is telling us to go next week to have more fun! haha