Tuesday, July 31, 2007

E-Learning at Capella University

Almost everything we do these days involve the cyber space. E-banking, e-shopping, sending e-cards, etc. etc.

E-learning is no exception. Apart from wanting to reach our goal through e-learning, the good thing about it is that we get to do it at our own pace. No matter if you are working full-time wanting to excel in your career, or a stay-at-home-mum wanting a new degree planning to re-enter the workforce again, Capella University helps prepare you for the future you want.

As an accredited online university, Capella University consists a group of faculty members with outstanding academic credentials who have working experience, so they know it is important and beneficial for working students to use workplace challenges as part of their 'studies'. And this is what makes studying and exciting e-learning experience. Capella is currently offering subjects on health care admin, mental health, public safety, K-12 Education, Higher Education, Business Management and Information Technology.

So if you want a degree in PhD/PsyD, EdS, Master's, MBA, Bachelor's or Certificates, Capella University can help you.

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