Friday, July 20, 2007

Eating Two Full Servings of Veggie a day

Can you do that?

Although we try to live or maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is difficult to have the full daily dietary intake of vegetables. I mean, what if when we go out on a trip, and we don't feel like cooking on some miserable days?

Drink My Daily Veggies is what I think! Imagine there is something in the market that can solve your problems when you travel, out and about, or just couldn't be bothered about cutting up three to four kinds of vegetables daily, where you can just tear off a sachet and mix those veggies into your soup, your pasta sauce, your stir fries? has come out with a brilliant solution where each sachet in a 30 packs box contains 95% dried whole vegetables and 5% dried whole vegetable extracts. A really great daily dietary supplement as an on the go food or camping food for the camping enthusiasts

It is an excellent idea! It is such a great solution to my cooking problems, especially when I am not exactly a good cook, and although Aidan is not that fussy with his food, I reckon I don't serve enough veggies for him. And with this alternative vegetable supplement I can mix it in his pasta, his porridge, and our soup.

It also an organic food alternative, for me at least, as organic food are so expensive. My Daily Veggies only work out to be a little over a dollar a day with the full daily vegetables servings, it is a step towards healthy living.

My vote? Thumbs up! Great alternative health product.

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stay-at-home mum said...

Not sure if drinking veggies count as part of those 2 servings becoz when u drink u dont get the fiber, or do you? Eating out also can get your veggie intake. Order veggies or a salad. If I dont, I usually compensate with more fruits.

Sweetpea said...

SAHM - i think it does. it's freeze dried veges, as far as i know. and of course nothing beats fresh veggies, but it sure is a hassle to get some into that little tummy of my son's.

and psst! i am not much of a fruit person, haha.

J@n!ce said...

Sweatpea, come on over to my blog to see ME please.....:)

Mike said...

Hmm. Seems worth the try.