Saturday, July 21, 2007

One of the longest day I've stayed out of blogging

If you have noticed, I didn't do any posting since yesterday morning.

That's a WOW!

I have three symptoms of blogivitis that pushed me for the brakes.

  1. Nothing to blog about. As in, don't feel like it. Bahh.
  2. Fell asleep at the traffic lights while driving to work. Seriously!!
  3. Janice tagged me with the meme 'The face behind the blog'. So being an ex-camwhore I happily digged out my albums, only to fall into deep depression. I looked at my photos. I looked into the mirror. I found myself grown sideways. Gaah!!
I'll blog when I am all better. Which is usually after some food. Double GGAAHHH!!!


bokjae said...

Bored eh? so it is timely to give you some home-work! visit

Sweetpea said...

hahah... just what i needed!