Monday, July 02, 2007

Faucet Direct - Bathroom Haven

Simple and basic as it may sound, the way we design and decorate our bathrooms do personalize them.

Are you into the country look, traditional, stately, the classic or contemporary? It is crucial that the correct model is selected according to your personal preference and the style of your bathroom. I personally like simple and basic designs.

FaucetDirect has all the bathroom necessities from bathroom faucets , toilets, bathtubs, bidets to bathroom furnitures. Given the chance to remodel my bathroom again, I will definitely shop from them as they have great looking vanity cabinets, and the faucets, oh! You have to see them to know that there are so many designs that are just brilliant! I have always had a thing for brushed chrome finish and I will definitely go for single handle faucets this time as it's easier for Aidan to use. Some have this great safety feature of high-temperature limit stop that allows me to preset a comfortable temperature to prevent scalding.

Like what I am talking about? Go to and start choosing.

And guess what? They do Paypal :)

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