Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Great tasting water, great convenience

Water is important to us, so is its purity.

I can never stress enough how important clean water is to us. To save cost, many of us may re-use plastic bottles but do you know that it is actually hazardous to do so? Am no expert but in the nutshell, I can safely say that the bottles that we have been recycling for either convenience, money-saving or environmental reasons, these plastics are toxic.

Portable Water Filters are the way to go. Not only they produce safe drinking water, I get purified and great tasting water everytime too. Notice how sometimes you have that flat and metallic taste in some water?

Pure Water 2GO offers portable water filter bottles that will provide clean, safe and fresh drinking water wherever one might be. I personally use a portable water filter bottle so I am ensured that the quality of water I am drinking is not compromised, wherever I may fill it.

A great solution for campers, sports enthusiasts and travellers too.

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