Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Some parents can be so dumb

I understand not everyone knows about medicine.

Not especially when you don't often get sick, or perhaps you don't even want to know about it, or step into the clinic or pharmacy if necessary.

But you'd think common sense prevails. Even if you don't know why you should take medicine two or three, or even four times a day, you do not question the doctor his instructions. It's not for us to understand. That's why they are doctors, and we are not.

In this case, why bother asking the pharmacist when the doctor has given the order to give one capsule twice a day to this parent's daughter. She called up asking us if she can give her daughter the second tablet of antibiotic only after a couple of hours taking the first. Reason being it's not treating the symptoms. Perhaps there was still pain or something.

You'd think she expected a miracle pill.

She sort of challenged the pharmacist, saying if the antibiotic is prescribed for twice a day, can't her daughter take another one then?

DUH??!! You take Panadol two tablets four times a day. Do you take EIGHT at one go to save time? We do not expect her to understand know how the antibiotic works in the body, but use your blain woman, use your blain!!

If no understand, just follow orders, can?


Vien said...

LOL! Amazingly there are quite a lot to ppl who don't have common sense.

Sweetpea said...

Well Vien, unfortunately yes. Sometimes their 'hard-headedness' fails to see through.

I have seen so many types of people walking in to the pharmacy, it's fascinating yet surprising. We get good jokes out of it at the end of the night, or sometimes pure frustration!

eastcoastlife said...

Oops. Oh my! Take her child's life so lightly ar. Can be fatal.

aceone said...

Jot it down and paste it on her head la so that she remember!

Sweetpea said...

ECL - i don't think she meant it that way, but she has to understand there is a reason why it's being prescribed as such. she can't expect a miracle cure in 10 minutes.

aceone - cannot lar, some peepel pure stubborn wan

J@n!ce said...

Sweetpea, you will be surprised there are actually a lot of such pple around. LOL

Sometimes really dun understand why they can ask such a stupid qns. Duno to laugh at them or to slap them.... sigh !!

Sweetpea said...

janice - that's wat makes the world goes roung, i guess. we have 1001 characters to see :)