Friday, July 13, 2007

My hubby - he's no budgie smuggler

We went swimming with Lena and her boys Joshua and Justin yesterday morning.

You can imagine the crowd, being school holiday and all, but I had to use up the family pass which was a replacement for Aidan's absence in of his swim classes. Had one last term, and I had to give it to Lena as Wilkin wasn't not interested in going to the pool.

You'd be surprise if I tell you I've NEVER seen my husband swim. Never seen him in a Speedo or surf pants, or any pants for that reason.

Nope. Never. I remembered when I first met him in Hong Kong he brought me sight-seeing to the Convention and Exhibition Centre at Wanchai. I sat at the railing coz I like the sea and you know lar, seldom go to Lumut or Penang when I was in Ipoh.

See where I highlighted the area?

He was pale as anything and told me if I fell into the sea, he won't come after me.

So much so for being romantic.


mommy of 2 angels said...

guess when u pak tor time, he never took u near a check out your body...kakakkaaka

Anonymous said...

Wah, very romantic indeed
can stop dreaming about "u jump, i jump" .. haha!

Sweetpea said...

mommy of 2 angels - no he didn't. he didn't have to marr.. kekeke

jo - u tell me about it :P

laundryamah said...

ayoooo...hmmm come to think of it, i've met quite a number of Honkies and I think they don't swim too! Including my ex bf (honkie oso)!! hahaha,,,

mott said...

ADOH!! *slaps forehead*

Lucky u're letting Aidan learn swimming...he can save u instead! ;-)

TingTitLei said...

hubby : you jump i go collect life insurance

Sweetpea said...

amah - surprising isn't it? to think they live in a tiny island, it should be a survival skill

mott - err... not quite.. yet.. :P

TTL - hahaha! u've got it wrong. insurance not under his name leh! kekekekeke..

AceOne118 said...

I can imagine your hubby being wrap around with floats!! Wakakaka

The New Parent said...

Hi SP--it would seem swimming would be mandatory (smile). Just about to start my little one on swimming---in case I fall in water---she save me!

PEARLY said...

hi dear sweetpeas :

Now you have your angel who can swim to safe you la , no worry , if he not jump Aidan will jump for mummy .

pak tor time did you buy him a rubber ring as a gift for him ?

kekekekekek.just joking xxx
have a lovely weekend dear xx

Sweetpea said...

aceone - u don't have to imagine. he won't go near the pool :P

TNP - enjoy. you will have much fun together in the water :)

pearly - mummy held a lifesaver's badge, no joke. i guess he can save his daddy :)

rubber ring, yes. but size of a banana, kakakakakak!!

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...


'Never seen him in ... any pants..'

Naughty naughty! LOL...

I'm interested (or rather kpo) how did u and him know each other? One from HK, one from Msia.. and ur settle down in Oz.. wow..

Sweetpea said...

kev - 'never seen him in any pants, FOR THAT REASON!' What were to thinking?! :P who's naughty now?

aaahh... it's a very long story, but cut it short, internet dating :) not blind date though, thru a mutual friend. u come melbourne i story you :)