Sunday, July 15, 2007

Video Caption Corporation

Subtitles and captions in movies and videos are very important to hard-of-hearing and deaf people. They are the main source of information to give these people the pleasure in viewing and understanding a story. There are, of course, various reasons why many of us need subtitles and captioning to understand or work on projects.

Video Caption Corporation offers excellent service in captioning and multi-language subtitling for broadcasters, corporations, independent producers, government agencies, schools, libraries and churces. It is also a great tool for people learning English and to improve on the literacy skills.

High quality English and Spanish offline closed captioning is also provided, where they are done in-house from transcription to encoding, done with strict quality control and very competitively priced. To find out how to incorporate closed captions into a certain program, or how to know if a program is closed captioned, check out the site at and they will do everything possible to meet your expectations.

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