Sunday, July 15, 2007

What kind of mother would I be at the age of 25?

So many uproars have been going on about little Sherway Ooi's case.

Am not going to go into the case specifically, may she be in a better place now and in peace.

But I am trying understand what the suspect (mother?) was thinking.

24 when she got pregnant. Now not all women are born nurturers. I personally was in the 'party mode' when I was 24. All I cared about was having fun, being loved. Fatt hou?? Given the situation if I were to have a child then, with hormones raging, I wouldn't have had the patience like I do today (what patience?!) to raise a trustful and innocent baby.

I can think of many things like:

I am not an early bird. If baby goes waa-waaa at 7.30am......yeeerrrrrr.
I am impatient. I can't see why my little one can't just listen and follow instructions - PRONTO! or he/she will get it from me if not done my way.
I hate being challenged. By a toddler at that. Don't push the boundary, kid. I have temper of an Incredible Hulk. And I am the boss of you.
I want to have fun. I want to go out at night, to clubs and party. And here I am, stuck with you, destroying my life.

Scary isn't it, the way I think?

Would I have been like that if I were to really have a child at the age of 25? Maybe. Some women's thinking mature at an early age, some don't. So we cannot expect the same rule or behaviour applies to every single woman.

I am glad I have enjoyed those party times and now I have entered a different phase in life. Hung up my dancing shoes, so to speak. And in my thirties, I was ready to settle down for a slower pace journey. (What slow?! Chase here, chase there!) Although Aidan loves to test my waters 24-7, at my ripe old age I am glad the burning huge bonfire has dwindled down to a cozy fireplace. Fire's still there, but controlled most of the times :)

So, probably, to think like her for a minute, to have a whole new life, so many things to see, to do, out there in the big big world, but, seeing a little girl as a burden, she has to think of a way to reach her goal. Her happiness. And blinded by that selfish thought, a very silly and costly decision was made.

May she live with her guilty conscience her whole life.


Helen said...

Hi Hi HI dropping by to see you. Hahahaha received your mail and this is a surprise. lol

mott said...

i dunno..if i had kids at 25, by 35, I'd be partying. Instead, I'm still changing diapers.


Sweetpea said...

helen - so? do u think we were school mateys? :P

mott - diapers will stop soon, so u can party again lar! :)

mumsgather said...

Came over from Samm's. You hung up your party shoes in your 30s ah? I was still partying and serves me right too, now in my 40s I'm still talking about babies whereas my friends kids are all big big adi. Lol!

Sweetpea said...

hi mumsgather - welcome, welcome. been to your blog number of times but didn't comment :P
i guess 15 years of partying is quite enough for me lor.

i'll be 40 in no time and don't worry, am joining you lar. i'll still be talking school and homework!

Annie Q said...

hahahaha...njoy first than only "suffer" later.So we have all pass the party time, now is time to be "good", stay at home changing diapers and shouting and nagging..

Sweetpea said...

annie q - that's very true. then 10 years later, i hope like mott, can party again. haha!