Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I have no idea what this title is to be.....

I have thought of a few and changed it a few times, so it's up to you to name it for me.

I have a case of blog-block again.

I am completely out of ideas on what to post. In just one instant, I have this disinterest in taking photographs, not taking a mental note on whatever funny or interesting enough to kaypoh in my next post, although I still keep on checking my dashboard for comments. No new posts where got new comments, right?

With the lack of interest to write, I have half-heartedly been blog-hopping. Anyone who sees my footprints there, I did read your posts, some, but do forgive for not leaving a comment. At the same time, I have read about lots of bloggers commenting on how they try to stick their derrieres tightly to their chairs, stools, beds, or toilet seats in front of their computers trying their luck on a good opp at PPP. I really couldn't be bothered anymore. Great if I get one, doesn't matter if I don't. I agree with some bloggers there is life beyond paid posts. And with PPP having yet another new condition, limiting two posts now instead of three, am sure more bloggers are screaming at the moment. Not that I can get even one daily anyway. And as I am having a blog-block, I can't accept a current opp that pays quite well, which is on-going for a couple of days now. I just can't think straight.

Which got me thinking. Why did I blog in the first place?

Amongst many reasons, definitely not paid postings in the first place. I happen to stumble on it and got into a money-making frenzy. Then I thought, after a while and some good money, it is worth my late nights? I mean, of course the money helps heaps, but I have other priorities in life.

I am a domestic engineer, a.k.a. 'One Foot Kick' or 'Yat Giok Tack' or 'Satu Kaki Tendang', whichever way you like it. Aidan now has a full 5-days-per-week programme, so I am the driver, the assistant, the grocery shopper, the cleaning lady, the cook, the blogger and a pharmacy assistant, among many more job descriptions. 24 hours a day is now not enough for me.

I just sat here staring at the screen for two full minutes. Harharhar! I really have a serious case of severe fatique.

What was I going to say? Oh yeah. *Another minute ticked by* I still love the money I am making here, but I don't think I'll do extra homework and eye for PR4 lor. If I get it eventually, then great, but I guess I don't mind my glass half-full. Which reminds me of a conversation with a friend of mine. I told her to be optimistic, see the glass as half-full and not half-empty, to which I got a very clear cut reply, she sees it only as half :P which in a way am glad for her, meaning she is ambitious. Not like me, easily pleased. Buy me a small pack of Ferrero Rocher and I'll remember you forever.

I need to go pay my sleep debt now. And I may come back full of energy again soon, so, don't mind the crap I just wrote. Hhahahahaha!!


aceone118 said...

I have a case of blog-block again.

I am completely out of ideas on what to post.

Same-same here also!!! Dunno what to write tim!

babyfiona said...

haiihhhh!! money not enough for me..been sitting here for like 2 hours and all i see is only GREY GREY GREY..really need the PR if not, you can expect to read my news in the newspaper.

*babyfiona died sitting infront of her laptop refreshing too much until she blew her head off*


Mommy to Chumsy said...

haahaah....a mommy's job is never ending :D time for a holiday lah ;D

Mommy to Chumsy said...
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Simple American said...

They changed to two? I missed that. *pengsan*

Sweetpea said...

aceone - u are contagious! u gave that to me!

babyfiona - better off go watch some movie or something lar! hehe

WH - i certainly do need a holiday, maybe 10 years time.. sigh!

SA - aiiks! u 'pengsan'??!

mott said...

i hear u.

i so got a blocked nose and blocked brain.

Sweetpea said...

haha.... double the fun mott. bring it on!

khai khee said...

same same wif u there. i aso no longer sit in front of the pc refreshing n refreshing like last time. if there is an opp for me then i do. n i am seriously running out of things to write too..haha

Sweetpea said...

KK - i guess everyone has their blog-block moment. maybe am hit with the winter blues and lack of sleep as well :P
glad to know someone is like me! haha