Thursday, July 26, 2007

My sanity depot

I've always talked about my workplace, and it just occured to me that I haven't posted any pics here. Thanks to wrecking my brain on what to blog next!

So, here is where I get in touch with the world without dragging, pulling or chasing a little boy in the park, the shopping centre or the swimming pool.

A typical pharmacy will be smaller, this a double shoplot and being the only pharmacy that opens till midnight in the city, we do get busy after 9pm after all the other chemists close. And we get phonecalls everynight asking if we are opened till midnight, when in fact, it is advertised as a midnight pharmacy. So much so we get fed-up of answering such calls.

Us : Good evening, XXX Midnight Pharmacy, this is xxxxx. How may I help you?

Caller 1: Oh hi, what time are you opened till?
Us : We're a midnight pharmacy, we open till midnight.

Caller 2 : Oh, you just answered my question. Thanks. (Smart!)

We get the most phonecalls for this question on holidays. I reckon we should put the answering maching on with the message:

To listen to our operating hours, please press one. To speak to our friendly staff, please press two.

At least we don't have to answer to the dozens of calls for button number one!

The dispensary. Sometimes I help the pharmacist dispense some scripts when we get busy.

Part of the pharmacy

Another part of the pharmacy

My workstation. Usually my butt will be stuck on the stool here entering invoices.

Or standing here collecting money. Hahhahah.. wouldn't it be nice if it was all mine. Kaching! Kaching!

Then there are some annoying callers, that calls up 5 minutes to midnight, asking us to wait for them. Depending on situations, we usually tell them we don't do scripts anymore, as we need to do back up on the computers.

Really, let's put it this way. If someone comes in at this hour, wanting a script to be done, who came straight from the emergency clinic, fine.

We hate it when they come in at the last minute for their monthly medication, or Viagra, or some dodgy scripts for sleeping pills. I mean come on. They take their tablets daily, for months, even years, and they come in on the night that they have finished the last tablet? Or sometimes they will say, they are rushing to the airport to go overseas. Get real! Get organized! Viagra, huh. If you reckon you've got a hot date going on, get prepared. Don't call us at the last minute with cold sweat and trembly voice needing a hard-on.

And when some customers can't get what they want, they get nasty. It is not our fault that they leave their scripts till the last minute. It is not our fault that you can't take your so-called diabetes jabs when you don't keep the supply of needles and syringes at home. Being the pharmacy that opens late, for this very reason we do not keep syringes. We don't want to attract junkies. For people who ask for 'fitpacks' anyway, we know they are not diabetics. +

When we get extra nasty, funny or difficult customers for a certain night, we always joke Must be a full moon today. And guess what? Half of the time it is.


Simple American said...

So when do you close again? *ducks*

Looks like a nice clean place. Better be hor?

Whats viagra? *cheeky grin*

Jacelyn Chew said...

i've tagged u fren...

J@n!ce said...

Thanks for sharing your working place with us. Some really funny customers you have there huh... LOL :)

babyfiona said...

11.40 pm ..Ring ring..

babyfiona: hello! What time you will be closing?

Sweetpea: We're a midnight pharmacy, we open till midnight.

babyfiona: oh! like that, wait for me ya, I am on the way to get my daily dose of sweetpea's entry. can wait or not jek?? ;p

Sweetpea said...

SA - *wait for you to get up and throw rotten egg at you!*

and viagra, u've got that cheeky grin, so am not going to bother to answer you, hmph :P

jacelyn - will do that, thanks

janice - u call that funny. some makes you vomit blood, really!

babyfiona - depends where u are coming from. we are out the door at midnight. if u are late, u come back tomorrow lar! :P