Sunday, July 08, 2007

Ooo yes! Am all young again

Unfortunately, I think I inherited someone's genes on grey hairs.

Full of them. I wish all my hair will turn all white, so at least I can say it's MY fashion, eh? But no, I will look like one of those Ah So in the market bargaining 10 cents in the market.

Having very fine and little hair all my life, they are very precious to me. So I'd wait and wait... and wait.... until I cannot stand the sight of those offensive new growth. I try not to colour my hair that much, but it seems I have no choice. Then again, I guess I should thank my lucky stars I can STILL see my hair growing, white or not.

Today, after the much awaited moment, I dyed my hair again. After two hours at the salon, my hair colour looks great and guess what? So so soft. Funny isn't it, when I do it myself it always feels like hay?

While I was being massaged in the head with shampoo and conditioner and nearly fell asleep, Aidan and Dada was at Suk-suk's (uncle in Cantonese - Wilkin's youngest brother) house helping with painting. Yes, he came back a mess. No, I didn't take any pics coz I was frantically cleaning his eyes, hair, hands, jacket and pants. Lucky thing it was only the base coat and easily came off.

It's blardy freezing cold tonight, so am off to bed early for some 'warming up'? Hahahhahhahaa!!

Nitey nite!


Anonymous said...

Hi SP--so do you look young and mahvelous? It is nice to still have all your hair (laugh).

When the hair looks good the head looks great.

aceone said...

What brand hair dye do they use? I want to look young also leh.

Mummy to QiQi said...

a good point is that your hair now can easily absorb the dye. My black hair is very hard to get dye, even though spending hours waiting on it.

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

I don't know how many times I have dyed my hair already! And it's making my hair so dry now! Grrr! Hehehe!

Check out

Had some time and whipe up something simple.

Sweetpea said...

TNP - am trying hard to look young and mahvelous :P hair = crowning glory. it's a woman's everything!

aceone - u manyak seebuk, any brand also can do, and can also ask your chakuat gfs to do it for you :P muuahahhahaa!

mummy to qiqi - yeah, becoz my hair is very fine. then again, if my hair is so dark like yours, i don't have to dye it already lor :(

nesh - hot oil treatment!