Saturday, July 07, 2007

What's din din tonight?

Before I started cooking. He's going round and round the house with that scooter. By the way, he's got a scooter, a car and a motorcycle, according to him :) Don't pway pway. It's actually a buggy with a carrier where he puts Puppy in it and go round and round too.

Here's the preparation. Not exactly hokkien noodles. Wilkin likes egg noodles, so I got a packet of 4. Marinated a piece of chicken breast fillet with dark sweet soya sauce and oyster sauce. Add carrots for a more colourful 'finish'.

Psst, notice my Global knife or not? Ahem.... my pride you know :P

Fried egg noodles. I brought probably about 3/4 portion of one noodle serve to work.

Plus two of these dumplings. These I bought from a Shanghai noodle shop, $6 for 15 frozen ones. I made soup out of it with seaweed.

While I was cooking little rascal discovered a toy in marker pen. It was previous a pic of a little girl. Or boy?

Aidan only had a small bowl of noodles with soup leftover from lunch. Organic veggie and chicken chowder bought from Macro organic store. So you might have guessed there should be leftover kua? Coz I was hungry when I got home from work.

Habis! Pocheek! Ee-lek! And hubby already munching on a big pack of Dorito's corn chips. Finished that too!!

SO HUNGRY MEH?! Walao.... I had to make do with the last slice of ham, a few bikkies and a mug of hot chocolate :(


PEARLY said...

poor mummy , cook yummy chow mee and nothing leave for mummy alllllllgone

next time you keep a big bowl aways

have a lovely weekend dear xxx

aceone said...

Eat noodle only, in 2 hours time hungry again. LOL

who else said...

ya dont pway pway you have only the car and aidan's got the scooter, motocycle and car :P

Mummy to QiQi said...

Looks like Aidan sketched a pic of his dream gal, just blur blur so mummy cannot trace who's that, haha!!

The New Parent said...

Hi SP--where did you get the food photos from? They look great!

Sounds yummy.

Sweetpea said...

pearly - i've thot of that, but see how much hubby eats, sometimes he can't finish. see see he was VERY hungry last night :P

aceone - noodles, chicken, dumplings, corn chips. waa.. not enough for one meal kah?

whoelse - now i wait for 20 years so my son can buy me new car :)

mummy to qiqi - only he knows :)

TNP - which pics are u referring to? some food meme i like the vietnamese pho i got it from the web, but on this post, it's all mine *proudz*

from someone who can't fry an egg, am definitely not bad now :P hahaha

Sweetpea said...

TNP - or are u teasing me? :P

Lovely Mummy said...

feel hungry lah after looking the breast fillet chicken coz i cant eat chicken nowadays :( oh yummy...i wonder when can i taste it again..

jazzmint said...

aiya poor u..go cook some maggi mah :P

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

wah $6 for 15 frozen dumplings? daylight robbery ah.. must be very yummy is it? but frozen ones also so ex? I bought from oriental supermart for 30+ dumplings for $4+ LOL.. maybe urs is branded..LOL

I love Doritos nacho chips!!! I can eat packets and packets..

mama bok said...

Your noodles looked really yummy..!! what kinda noodles did you use..??

Sweetpea said...

lovely mummy - can't u eat free range chooks? aww... i guess u have to wait then :P

jazzmint - i have instant noodles at home. only that i don't want to eat them at 1am! how to sleep?!

kev - the ones in the grocery stores are cheaper, but this is from a shanghai noodle shop, it's in their menu about $7 or $7.50 per 15, either steamed or fried. they're much bigger and of course, yummier :)
doritos - i buy, hubby gasak!

mamabok - just the normal egg noodles (wanton noodles) i get from the asian grocery store, fridge dept. yummy :)