Friday, July 06, 2007

Life... worthless. Compassion... Non-existent

Another news that angers me very much.

No respect for life.

Unfortunately when most of us are trying to the right thing, teaching our future generation the value of life, and the simple basic rule, to respect one another, some really couldn't care less.

As a parent, you may think how vulnerable your child/ren can be in this cruel society. Does this make you worry?


laundryamah said...

of course worried la...

oh btw just wondering if u r in melb? maybe we can meet when i'm there next month?

Sweetpea said...

course we can. yes am in melb. can u email me the details? then i can sort out a date. haha, sounds busy eh? are the two little Ks coming? aidan will have playmates then :)

PEARLY said...

hi dear :
we all worry especaily your aidan and my 3 monkey there grown up in the ang moo world , there will turn into the angmoo way . I am trying so hard to stop my daughter been like those young kids at her school some already had sex there only 12 years old gosh .
my boy I everyday like praying like that to say to them this don't gud that is wrong gosh I think one day there will get sick off me hahha.
wat to do as you say , we just don't want them to turn bad xxxx

Jacelyn Chew said...

what happen actually? mind to tell?

anyway, to inform u i've tagged u wor.....go and see ya... :)

Sweetpea said...

pearly - mine is ABC, yours are half angmohs leh :P i guess we can only drum into them, but wat they do is ultimately their choice :)

jacelyn - u click on the link leh.. got the news mar. and i've done the tag liao :P

aceone said...

L.amah, i want to follow also. I got VIP at the Crown. Apa maciam?

Sweetpea said...

aceone - u got VIP only u can stay in the room. u ask amah whole family cram in the room with u arr? :P