Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Pampering our tastebuds

There was an unexpected pleasant surprise yesterday when we went to The Glen.

There was a juggler who did great juggling and entertaining performance, and Aidan actually sat through the half hour show, not to mention the 15 minutes wait before that. Not bad, think he is ready for the circus when they next hit town.

We popped by Max Brenner again for his chocolate lick and I had an Equador Dark Chocolate with Orchid Oil drink and soon after that walked to the opposite where Macro, the organic food store is. Bought a pumpkin for mashed potato and pumpkin with bacon pieces, and more pumpkin for soup.

Right now, after some culinary therapy, I am all good again. Call it calling a truce, whatever you like, but I plan to indulge our tastebuds.

These brocolli are expensive. Being the cheapest at about $2 per kg, today it was $7.99 per kg. Aiyah, bought two small ones lor.

Made herbal soup today. Bought the herbs pre-packed at about $3-4, it even has a few slices of fish paw (yue piu)

This one, buy one lar! Bought one whole roasted duck!

And one more dish hor, walloped before I could take the pic. Pan fried snow fish with ginger and soy sauce. I can show you the oil burn on my hand though if you want. I hate frying, next on wishlist, forget about the high-legged boots, I forgot I have a pair in the closet :P Now I want an electric deep-fryer. Saves me all the trouble and no lousy smell lingering for the whole night. And the next day.

Want to see what Aidan did today? Hop over.


Mummy to QiQi said...

so sweet your song :)

Jacelyn Chew said...

u r considered good liao. at least can prepare a simple meal. me leh? not even tried once wor...shy shy

Sweetpea said...

mum to qiqi - i don' know wat it means! haha

jacelyn - it's for survival dear friend. not like ipoh, can hop in the car anytime of the night and get great and cheap food leh.. u think i can cook if i were there or in HK? ah noi err! hehe

AceOne118 said...

Woah! brocoli $7-99 per kg in australia? Pengsan!!

babyfiona said...

sedapnya! look so yummy lar all your dishes! feeling hungry already lar..how? how? courier to me lar ;p

Sweetpea said...

aceone - yaa.. have to eat every single bit of it! even the stem!

babyfiona - by the time it reaches there, all the 'jap' tumpah liao :P

Mommy to Chumsy said...

wow...you are a good cook lah. the dishes always look yummy.

Sweetpea said...

wei, not malaysia leh. can go out and just tapau. here very expensive if eat out everyday.

have to learn lor, no choice one lar!

mama bok said...

The deep fryer still smells leh..!

Sweetpea said...

mama bok - yakah?! aiseh. well at least the oil won't splatter all over my kitchen floor and around the stove = less work, and also i don't get oil blisters on my poor napisan hands? :P
we can't have it all, can we? :(