Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sleightholm Insurance

I have a friend in Canada who is single, my age, meaning not young, though not too old, and has the cash to spare.

She doesn't own a life insurance, and I urged her to get one as the older we get, the more expensive the premium is. Plus, it is considered a good investment for her own future and money for retirement, doesn't matter if she is single or married.

So how do we choose a plan that is just right for our budget? I helped her click through Sleightholm's life insurance quotes and found almost 30 over instant quotes. How's that for a quick, efficient and informative service?

Sleightholm Insurance provides all kinds of insurance and financial planning needs. As online life insurance brokers they have sophisticated computerized shopping systems to provide their customers the best product at the best price. If need be, they can be always contacted should customers need to speak to someone, at no cost or obligation to them.

Serving Chatham-Kent Ontario Sleightholm Insurance was founded in 1945, and is very familiar with the plans or products best suited for individuals in the area. And customers can be rest assured they have a One Stop Insurance Brokerage with them as Sleightholm also provides investment plans, auto, home and business insurance.

And oh, did I mention she owns a small restaurant too? Hmm.... I'd better let her know she can be free of headaches running from one company to the other for different types of insurance.

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