Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A real estate site with the lot

My friend in New York has just been promoted.

And that means she will now have increased salary, and is looking into buying a small house, rather than renting. She is now hunting for a real estate agent whom she can trust and do everything for her. Well, almost everything, since she works full time and is single.

I told her about GMAC Real Estate which can offer her all the advice about buying a house, closing a deal, and their HomeRewards program provide will provide special deals such as mortgage, title, home warranty, home inspection, temporary housing assistance, and even moving and storing services.

Being a first home buyer, it is very daunting not to know anything such as the above, but GMAC Real Estate has accredited and certified buyer representatives to help her out

I hope she gets her own home soon, so we can visit :)

*This is a sponsored post

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