Friday, August 03, 2007

Awarded yet again :)

SAHM awarded me with this sweetie-pink badge, and it's my second time. Thanks, matey.

I don't rock ler, but I do RROOAARR! Haha, no. Really. I can berk berk berkaaaaagg but cannot roar :)

Did some rock and roll during my younger years though, and played rock-paper-scissors, love expensive sparkly rocks, watched a little of Rocky Balboa, that's about it :P

It feels good to know someone, or in this case, two blogofrens think I rock. Or my blog rocks. Or Aidan rocks. Whichever. At least they find my crap readable. Sorry, not saying you are reading crap. I do have quality posts, of course :) but it has to be balanced with some nonsense to make it fun, right?

As for the charity tag, I've done it just a couple of weeks back, everyone can read it here. Read from somewhere this tag is a fraud, then it's not. Donno lah, but best if the person who pledged to donate that sum of money, will appreciate it if he can show us the receipt from the orphanage. It's only fair.

Don't you think?

As with the same as the last time, I think all lady bloggers deserve this award.

And yes ladies, we rock!


The New Parent said...

Hey Sweetpea---Congrats, you do rock!

Simple American said...

Oh but you do rock. :)

Sweetpea said...

TNP and SA - let's all rock! :)