Friday, August 03, 2007

Things To Do

1. Sleep

2. Pay deposit for Four-Year-Old kindy today

3. Fruit Duty at kindy next Monday

4. Sleep

5. Get a neck and shoulder massage. PRIORITY!

6. Pap smear due. Make booking

7. Sleep

8. Aidan to Maternal Child Health Centre for 3 1/2 year old review

9. Phantom Of the Opera Show on 21st. Finally. Yeay! My night out!

10. Really gotta sleep now.

Buenos noches~


Kenny Ng said...

Have a good rest...

AceOne118 said...

The word "sleep" is such a nice word.I like doing that too.

The New Parent said...

....not to bad (smile) ...sleep ... sounds like you're doing some ...sleep things.

I hope ... sleep have a peaceful ... sleep.

(you so funny).

Simple American said...

Sleep now.

You do not want to fall asleep during Phantom of the Opera. I love that show. Seen it twice, and want to go again.

Sweetpea said...

kenny - good ones are never enough :)

aceone - u can do that whenever. i have one cheeky monkey here to kacau

TNP - i..zzz..did. until...zzz... cheeky monkey...zzz...jumped bed.

SA - oo, you bet i won't fall asleep on that one! :P

Darren said...

Why always sleep de????

Sweetpea said...

darren - abuthen? tired marr.. not enuff sleep. u ask me this question u really tangkap cacing into your rear, haha. u asking a wife, a mother (both unpaid) and a paid worker all molded into one, 'why always sleep de????'

u better cari jalan lari kuat kuat :P hahahaha..