Saturday, August 04, 2007

Old engine, how to service?

Does it occur to you, or have you ever noticed, that when parts of your body screams out in pain, over a long time, it's usually the same sore points?

I have:

  • Headache usually at the back left lobe of my brain. When it's real bad, I feel nauseous. Okay, it's a migraine then.
  • Everytime when I sprain my foot, it has to be the right one, the same spot. Why everytime leh? Me also donno. Seems am prone to clumsy acts.
  • The tensed nerves from my neck has extended to my right shoulder blade. Yes, it has to be my right shoulder blade. I can't turn my head to the extreme right without feeling the strain.

So they say the left brain controls my right side. Okay, am not talking sense here. Of course it has nothing to do with my so-called injuries. I think my left brain is very much okay, as it's responsible for the memory of details and my access to these details, which I am able to write about it now.

With this engine almost four decades old, how do you suppose you can oil it?

It doesn't help me feel any better too when I've got an increasingly growl-ly tummy. Yeah, am trying to eat less and have been doing that for a few days now. Crash-diet? Yes and no. Yes am trying to diet, and no, am not one of those celebs that drinks only seaweed shakes or eat only a handful of shrimps for the whole day. No can do.

Doesn't help too when I got to bed at..... oops! 2.30am now... gotta go, gotta go!

Have a great weekend!


AceOne118 said...

You got "fung sap" ar? here pain there pain wan.

eastcoastlife said...

Old oledi, is liddat lah. I also here pain, there pain. Boh bian. Age catching up. When younger, neber take care of myself, thought I'm young, can last long long.

aiyoooo, dun diet too much. Take care of your health. Your boy still young.

Anonymous said...

Hey SP--you're up so late. I think we all come into this world with weaknesses. Some have stomach issues, some head issues, etc.

I think once we know where our weakness is, we make it stronger (smile).

Have a great weekend (wink)!

bokjae said...

hi bubba, old engines no need to service just be kind to her then! hehe!

Sweetpea said...

yinsi - ya, foong sap how? can send me tit da jau or not?

ECL - don't worry about the dieting part, it never lasts! :P hahaha

TNP - hmm... squeeze something good out of the weakness eh? hmmm..

bokjae - i wanna be kind with yinwor, but no money to buy that :P