Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sunday, sunny day, fun city day

Without the slightest idea where we wanted to go, we got into the car, drove up the driveway, and before turning out to the road, the usual question popped up 'Where to?'

It's usually a park nearby, before we head for the supermarket for our weekly grocery shopping.
Today is a fine day, we can see the sun, so Wilkin asked if I wanted to go to the city. I said that's fine.

First stop, parking, of course. I told him there's something going on at Fed Square, but not quite sure what. We'll just crash the party :P Difficult getting a parking though, apparently it's not only us who find the weather great.

We walked past the Melbourne Art Gallery, which has two big water feature at the front. Not so much of a feature now, but being Aidan, wherever there is water......

and of course, the ducky.

Reached Fed Square, ABC (Aust. Broadcasting Corp) is celebrating their 75th birthday with staged kiddy shows, and Aidan got to watch Fifi, Bananas in PJ's and the teddies and Dorothy the Dinosour live! And some kiddy celebs from the ABC station.

What is my daddy for? I need a good view!

Dorothy! I am here!

B1 ! Come here! Am stuck! I can't get go you!

Headed for Southbank to have lunch. Watched a little mini doggie circus, had fish and chips (SOOO Aussie!), enjoyed the sun, and a long walk back to the car.

Flat out...


Yinsi said...

Great sunday outing har? I have a good sunday playing mud!!!!! wakakaka

Michelle said...

very fun sunday

as for me, i went shopping and spent my paid post income :P

i like the last pix...just love watching baby sleeps. :)

eastcoastlife said...

That was a fun outing, exciting for Aidan. You all are wearing jackets! Here in Singapore, it's so HOT!!! arghhhh.....

jazzmint said...

wahh i spotted banana in pjs kekeke

bokjae said...

Hi! from yr photos, its great to note the dad is spending time with his children! Rare these days but understand that now more and more dads are doing that! Great family!

Sweetpea said...

yinsi - wah! mud wrestling with piao mei izzit? phheewweet!

miche - yeah, they are angels when asleep :) good on you, getting retail therapy on your side income :P

ECL - i said sunny day mar, not hot day :P believe u me, i would have complained if it was hot!

jazzmint - yeah! and the teddies too!

bokjae - yes, it's a whole new genearation now. dads are more involved in their kids' play. just today a dad was with me doing fruit duty at the kinder. as for my hubby, i can only say he loves bonding with aidan a lot. no complaints there :)

Simple American said...

He really had a good day. So tired. Still shopping to come?

Sweetpea said...

SA - shopping? wat shoppping? no money to shop anymore! waaaaa!!